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Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.
–Theodore Isaac Rubin

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If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. - Jim Rohn

Our global, cross-platform network includes some of the fastest growing and most informative websites on broad topics.

We do our best each day to serve our audience the best content on the internet and give them detailed and informative content worth sharing and reading.

We are best known for our viral listicles on gardening and home.

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Balcony Garden Web

One of the biggest gardening websites in the world. With around 2.5 Million social media followers, we are working continuously since years to provide the best and most informative content on the web.


Focused on home, DIYs, health, and recipes, BrightStuffs is our second best website. It’s growing fast, and we aim to make it a leader in its industry.

India Gardening

India Gardening is all about providing informative and practical content to gardeners all over India.

Hello Lidy

A 9-year-old website featured in many popular sites, delivering content on home and DIY to its established audience.

Castor Oil Guide

A natural beauty + health lifestyle website teaching you everything about castor oil, whether it is for your beauty or health.

Great Things First

At Great Things First, we try our best to create the most helpful and interesting health and wellness listicles for our readers.


A one-stop destination if you are looking for crochet patterns, how-to’s, tips, and tricks. Everything for free!

Air Plants Web

Air plants are in trend nowadays. This niche website is dedicated to everything air plants!


Everything about the kitchen! We share the tips, hacks, recipes and everything related to the kitchen on this website.

How to Grow and Tips

HTGT is all about providing gardening content on growing things to its target audience.

BalconyGardenWeb Channel

The official YouTube Channel of BalconyGardenWeb.

Full Video Song

This YouTube channel is dedicated to song vidoes.

Food Curation

If you are a food lover, this website is for you. We collect the best and most popular food and drink recipes from around the web here.

Remedys for Life

A content curation website, curating the best health and home remedies posts from all over the web.

Fashion Daily

On this curation website, we share the best of fashion trends and ideas.


A website dedicated to infographics about everything in this world.

House Good

Latest home decorating trends, cool DIYs, and more. Check this website regularly to keep your home organized, clean and beautiful!


A listicle curation website to provide you the best of ideas in less time.

Splendid DIY

Find out the most creative and fun DIYs on this website!


A home and lifestyle website dedicated to serving you the most viral content related to home.

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